IUOE 649 | International Union of Operating Engineers, Peoria Illinois



Listed below are the Elected Officers of Local 649 and the Staff

Photo First Name Last Name Title Phone Email
Tyler Bodish Annuity, HRA Secretary, Collections, Fringes 309-697-0070 Send E-mail
Danny Hollenback Apprenticeship Coordinator 309-697-1357 Send E-mail
Heather Kinser Apprenticeship, Upgrade Secretary 309-697-1357 Send E-mail
Matthew Bitner Auditor Send E-mail
Jacob Braun Auditor Send E-mail
Nicholas McElroy Auditor Send E-mail
Darren Smith Business Manager 309-264-8649 Send E-mail
Aric Gartner Business Representative 309-696-7028 Send E-mail
Tony O'Brian Business Representative 309-696-6189 Send E-mail
Joe VanDran Business Representative 309-657-9770 Send E-mail
Loni Grosenbach Conductor Send E-mail
Scott Knight Executive Board Send E-mail
Brandyn Cagle Executive Board Send E-mail
Neil Camp Executive Board Send E-mail
Brett Villarreal Financial Secretary 309-696-2054 Send E-mail
Tommy Harkness Guard Send E-mail
Tammy Cooper Local Secretary, Death Benefit & PAC 309-697-0070 Send E-mail
Frank Bollinger President Send E-mail
Brett West Recording Correspondence Secretary Send E-mail
Mike High Training Director 309-697-2208 Send E-mail
Brock Roedell Treasurer Send E-mail
Lisa Kohl Trustee Send E-mail
Andrew Erickson Trustee Send E-mail
William Sparks, Jr. Trustee Send E-mail
Teresa Braun Vice President Send E-mail

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